Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]


Q: What is marketing research, and how is it most effective?


A: Marketing research is gathering, analyzing and recording information about your target audience, your business, your competition, and any other demographics that will help you market efficiently. For example, begin with analyzing the overall market and identify whom you wish to target. Competition research comes next because you have to know what you’re up against. Once marketing research is complete, and then you can proceed with forming and implementing your marketing plan.


Q: How do you build a successful marketing strategy?


A: Building a marketing strategy requires a great deal of research, planning and analysis. Successful marketing strategies begin with defining objectives, redefining goals, detailing plans and programs, analyzing market research, and staying within your budget. Once you’ve tightened up your goals, evaluate which mediums (i.e.- print, internet, social media, etc.) will most effectively help your business.


Q: What kind of result can I expect from implementing a marketing plan?


A: Purple Wagon is a results centered company. While every marketing plan will identify goals specific to their respective business, our constant communication with you will keep you abreast of what progress is being made and what results are reasonable to expect. Our success is merely a reflection of your business’ success.


Q: With all this digital marketing, do I really still need to have business cards printed?


A: Yes! Printed materials are integral to any marketing strategy. Even if the bulk of your customers come from your website, chances are customers won’t remember that website, or tell a friend about your amazing business without having a written reminder of who you are.


Q: I often hear that print advertising is dead. Why do people still waste money on it?


A: If people are spending money on print advertising, it’s probably safe to say it isn’t dead. If you spend all your advertising money in one area, you’re probably only reaching one type of audience. Instead, consider spreading the money out over multiple outlets to reach more people. Print advertising done well is not dead; however, it’s important to do your research, finding outlets and creating ads that target your specific audience.


Q: I created a website for my company, isn’t that enough?


A: Creating your company’s own website is a great start, but it’s only the beginning. There’s no point in creating a website if no one can find it or ever sees it. Web building is an ongoing process. You have to get your brand and your website out there to get traffic on your site. Blog writing, social media, webpage content updates, business cards, flyers, etc. are all great ways to get people on your site. Buying advertisements on other websites and submitting information to online directories will also help direct traffic to your site.


Q: I thought marketing and public relations were only things “big” businesses use?


A: Marketing and public relations are useful to any businesses. You can’t increase the amount of customers you have if nobody knows who you are or what you do. The beauty of marketing and PR is its adaptability and reach.


Q: If I get someone else to do my marketing, won’t my business lose its “personality?”


A: Our initial objective with any client is to identify what makes your business unique. Understanding your business’ “personality” helps us construct your brand. We promote that image throughout the marketing process to help you gain the consumer attention you need. Also, as our client, we are in constant communication with you regarding your marketing plan implementation and adjust our actions in conjunction with your feedback and the evolution of your business.


Q: How do I convey my business’ brand effectively in marketing?


A: As we stated earlier, your company’s brand should be a direct reflection of your company’s mission, goals, and services. If your brand and marketing plan are well thought out and true to your company’s values and personality, you should have no trouble conveying it effectively.


Q: Can I text business communication?


A: Texting for business communication should be limited to those individuals you are particularly close with, or those whom you are communicating casually. Detail is limited with texting, so you should most assuredly exclude this method for questions whose responses are very complex or need to convey emotion.


Q: I don’t regularly use Facebook or Twitter, can it still be part of my marketing plan?


A: Absolutely! We understand that the world of Social Media, Facebook, and blogging is a little unfamiliar to some. Our on-staff copywriters and digital geeks are extremely well versed in the usage of Social Media, and understand how to integrate your business’ brand identity so that you are shown in positive light that is attractive to new customers.


Q: I tweet and Facebook, why do I need to blog?


A: While it’s true that Twitter and Facebook have become the information sharing mainstays for individuals, blogs are vital to businesses. People who know each other personally can effectively communicate in 140 characters or less, but consumers better value businesses that take the time to explain their views, summarize industry news, and thoughtfully respond to customer questions. Blogs allow businesses to establish relationships and brands.


Q: I’m a social media pro with over 700 Facebook friends; do I still need to network in person?


A: Absolutely! While you may feel “connected” to your entire social media “friends,” they are all so inundated by digital messages they probably don’t remember you as well as they should. By meeting a contact in person, you have a bigger opportunity to leave a lasting, human impression.


Q: Is LinkedIn as important for social media marketing as Facebook or Twitter?


A: Yes, LinkedIn is another valuable social media marketing tool for small business. The difference among the sites is the audience. While social media is an ever-changing industry, overall, LinkedIn has professionally minded individuals and companies networking to further their careers and businesses.


Q: Is it rude to correspond with someone over Facebook, instead of email, for business matters?


A: Most professionals answer Facebook messages faster than email as it is usually seen as a quick, instant response, but shouldn’t be used unless you personally know the person you are in communication with or the tone of the message is distinctly casual.


Q: Is Twitter a reputable “news” source?


A: Just like any other digital content, Twitter reputation is best determined using sound personal judgment. Daily news organizations, entertainment publications, and industry-specific associations can be particularly helpful.


Q: I’m really big into networking through social media for business. Is that a bad thing?


A: No, it’s not a bad thing to network through social media. That’s the whole point of social media, and it can be very powerful. The only thing that can make it counterproductive is losing the personal connection. Get out there, meet new (real) people, and educate them on what makes your business so wonderful.


Q: What forms of payment do you take?


Credit cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking.


Q: Can I pay online?


Yes! I’ll send an invoice email and you can click to securely pay online via credit / debit card.

If you’re outside the India, I’ll send an invoice via PayPal, to pay in U.S. dollars. PayPal automatically handles the currency conversion for you.


Q: Can I pay over time?


Yes. Once you pay the advance amount, Purple Wagon will work out a payment structure for you to pay the remaining amount.


Q: How soon can we start?


Pretty fast!

We can typically schedule kickoff to occur within a day of receiving your deposit payment. We have designed a framework for each type of work and we have a set process that we follow to get the results very efficiently without any hindrance.


Q: Do you work remotely or onsite at my office?


We work with most clients on a remote basis—by phone, email, Google Docs, Join.Me, GoToMeeting, and other tools.

We do some on-site work as a part of large consulting projects, which will be a mix of remote and on-site. There’s value to my visiting your office and speaking with your team in-person, but you’ll need to weigh whether the travel costs are worth it. I’m glad to share an estimate on both approaches.


Q: How would we do calls if I were outside India? What times can we do calls?


We can talk via the phone, Skype, or FaceTime Audio.

For clients in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, I’m glad to schedule morning calls your time (my morning/afternoon the day before).

For clients in Europe, I’m glad to schedule afternoon calls your time (my evening).

I typically do calls between 11:30am and 09:00pm Indian Standard Time.


Q: Is all of your work in English?


Yes. I’ve worked with clients who are native English speakers as well as people for whom English is their second or third language.


Q: Do you guarantee the results I’ll get?


No consultant or company can guarantee specific results—so much depends on implementation, luck, and other factors beyond my control.

That said, you’ll always get the best advice we can give you. Our approach focuses on sharing the advice I’d give myself if I were in your situation, with your goals, your values, and your preferences.


Q: How do you maintain confidentiality?


We are glad to sign your NDA—or use ours—but our approach to confidentiality goes beyond any paperwork. How so? We’re in a small industry—We’d go out of business if we developed a reputation as someone who shared confidential information with other people.


Q: Do you provide with content writing services and do I get a free sample?


Yes we have very professional content & copywriters.  Also, you are provided with a free sample of 300-400 words.


Q: How do you handle a project?


Once the questionnaire is filled and submitted by you, upon reviewing it the deadline, pricing and the various terms and conditions are determined. It is then communicated to you with in a period of 2-3 days from the date of receipt of your questionnaire. The work is immediately started on the project upon confirmation from you. No time wasted as time is money.


Q: How much is my investment in you?


Depending on the kind of service required by you, the rates vary. But let me assure you there are no other hidden costs or taxes. Every penny spent by you is accounted for.


Q: Do I give u any advance?


An upfront fee of 50% of the total price of the project is taken as a token amount to put the project into action.


Q: What happens if I cancel my project halfway through?


If you cancel the project because of any unforeseen reasons then the token amount will not be refunded.


Q: Do you charge extra for revision of the content?


No, you do not pay any extra dime for arriving at your desired content. The content is not final till you are satisfied.


Q: Do you include keyword research as part of your content writing package?


Yes, I do. You don’t need to pay extra for adding keywords in the content. It is all included in the package.


Q: Will the content be SEO friendly?


Yes, the content will be SEO friendly.


Q: Does my business require online presence?


The Indian online market has reached the fat figure of 243 Million Internet users in June 2015. In today’s date, a website serves as a digital business card that is accessible and available & 24×7. And it’s a fact, if people are looking for a service or specific item, they will surely search for it online. Having your company in the search results points the spotlight to your deliverability & brand value.


Q: I have a website, what are the next steps to go online and reach out to my audience?


Simply owning a website isn’t enough to swim above your competition and reach out to your target audience. Purple Wagon lays out a step-wise blueprint to take your business into the finer aspects of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization, Digital Campaigns, Social Media Integration and Analytics to name a few.


Q: Does my website reach out to people looking for it in search engines?


Search engines crawl & index millions of pages everyday. The primary aim is to return search results most relevant to the users query (keyword matches, primarily). So why not give the crawlers a little something to chew on? Purple Wagon executes premier Search Engine Optimization, tagging & flagging your website as the most relevant result for your target audience’s query.


Q: Is my website compatible with mobiles, tabs & other digital devices?


‘Responsive’ means a website design with easy reading & navigation; Purple Wagon utilizes cutting edge technology to provide Hi – End digital spaces with the optimal viewing experience. Our development team would be more than happy to customize each page to your liking.


Q: Can my website compete with technologically upgraded, Hi-end web spaces?


In the online network today, websites must be lightweight & code based. Our development team ensures emphasis on a jerk-free user experience through dynamic, CMS based, mobile optimized websites.


Q: Is social media effective and ideal platform for marketing?


On the World Wide Web, 6 social media portals stand out as being the most used & frequented by online users. The experienced team at Purple Wagon provides expert Online Marketing Services as it manages, maintains, updates & iterates each of these portals so as to provide high scale engagements & trends for your brand.


Q: Do I actually require all of this? Can’t brands simply own websites and be done with it?


We see optimized websites on a day-to-day basis. Each and every website requires a tuning up to ensure it is recognized & qualified by search engines & analytics driven accreditation.  Consumers subconsciously can differentiate between a standard website and an optimized web space within the blink of an eye.  So it comes down to either being a hard-worker or a smart-worker. You decide.


Q: What is a branding study?


A branding study is a process that outlines the true personality, promise and expectations around a company or product. Depending on the depth of the specific account, a branding study can take anywhere from a full-day workshop to a 20-week procedure.


Q: I have a logo and a website, why would I need branding work?


A logo or a “mark” is a visual representation of a brand, which comes after the branding process. Many companies have fantastic logos, yet fail to create a brand that is collaborative to the logo and sets paramount expectations and promises for their clients


Q: How can my website generate money?


While many websites are not “e-commerce” websites (meaning they sell products and collect money like a digital storefront), you can still look at your website as a profit center by setting specific goals to achieve. It is imperative that your website has a built-in process which prompts users for more information. While you may not be capturing their credit card information, it is a pre-curser to them becoming a future client.


Q: How much does it cost for your services?


We work with many different budgets. It is usually in our clients’ best interest to come in for a consultation where we are able to assess your needs, discuss realistic costs for services and set a budget together. Working in a collaborative environment allows us to guide you through the process of how to appropriately invest your money with the expectation of us providing you with a return on your investment


Q: What are some things to consider in choosing the right company to build my website?


Experience in beyond the website build process is important because the company will be able to ensure the website integrates completely with your business practices.


Q: How long does it take to build a new website?


Depending on the website and the complexity of the design and development anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks for most website builds.


Q: Are you able to fit my needs within my budget?


All websites are unique, we are able to fit most budgets.


Q: I can build my own website through services like GoDaddy. Why would I pay a company to do it for me?


Having a team of experts to build your website well get you to your desired result faster. Many people attempt to DIY their website failing to adequately represent their brand online.


Q: What if I have a different question?


Contact me! If you haven’t heard back within 2 business days, email me again (or call) since your first message have gone into my spam filter.