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Healthy Competition

What is healthy competition?

While healthy competition is a hallmark of the human experience, too much can lead to dispersed efforts rather than concerted efforts toward a common objective. Working together increases your chances of collaboration as a team. Everyone must contribute to the effort to succeed or fail as a group. When people work together, it communicates that their collaboration is tied to the organization’s success. Thus, the goal of “survival of the fittest” is not to create the healthiest people but to create the healthiest organization possible compared to rivals.


Collaboration, which involves working with others to achieve a common goal, is interesting in and of itself. How much work gets done is also affected by this. Implementing collaborative processes, for instance, has been shown to increase the productivity of international software development teams by 30%.

In other words, your competitors aren’t catering to the same demographic of customers that you are. A portion of their email list, Instagram fans, and Facebook likes may already be familiar with your company, but there’s always the chance that some people aren’t. Having others work on your business’s behalf can help you gain collaboration in new circles.


According to Deloitte, cooperative businesses grow twice as fast as their rivals and incur 60% fewer losses over time. Nothing novel here. The increased productivity, performance, and profits are the inevitable result of the advantages gained, such as better team alignment, higher employee engagement, longer employee retention, and greater knowledge sharing.

Benefits to your business

Surely, two minds can solve a problem better than one, right? Incredible things can be accomplished when two exceptionally bright minds join forces. Consider the benefits to your business and your customers of collaborating with another company rather than competing with them. You don’t have to form a formal business partnership with someone to work together on a project or product. A greater impact can be made by collaboration with another company than on your own.

Don’t forget to prioritize collaboration over competition. Find people who share your interests and think of ways you can work together and help each other.

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